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LevoTas syrup 200ml

LevoTas herbal tonic is made for veterinary use and is ideal supplement for healthy growth of your pet
₹ 130.00 ₹ 145.00
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BirdPlus Multivitamin 30 ml

for healthy growth , full feathering and brilliant coloration of your bird. Specially formulated for Love birds, pigeons and parrot. Extra vitamin C added.
₹ 90.00 ₹ 100.00

Tiger Barb

Tiger Barb is one of most favored aquarium fish worldwide. It is very active and playful. It has vertical black line across its body. It is semi aggressive i...
₹ 20.00

Red Cap GoldFish

Generally Red Cap Gold Fish has Red Spot on it head and sometimes on its body. It looks great because of red and white combination of colors. It is peaceful...
From ₹ 25.00
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Gourami Fish

Gourami is a freshwater anabantiform fishes that is very tough. They have a labyrinth organ that acts sort of like a lung, which allows them to breathe air...
₹ 25.00

Auratus Cichlid ( Assorted )

These are small cichlid group of fishes which is very tough and comes in different color and variety like Melanochromis Auratus/ Golden Mbuna, Blue cichlid,...
₹ 30.00

Black Moor Gold-Fish

Black Gold-fish or black Moor is fancy goldfish that is completely black in color. Its eyes are bulgy. This fancy gold is very peaceful and require little bi...
From ₹ 30.00
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Shubunkin goldfish ( SK Gold )

Shubunkin goldfish or S K Gold are single tailed gold fishes with some black,red and white patches on its body. These are fast swimmer than more robust then...
From ₹ 30.00
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Pearlscale angelfish

These angels have Perl like scales which shines a lot. Pearlscale angel have some black marks on its body. Very common community fish.
From ₹ 30.00
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Silver Dollar fish

Very Shiny and peaceful community task fish. Can be kept with fishes like goldfish. These fishes shines like a silver coin. Very robust and is ideal for be...
From ₹ 70.00
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Cobra Guppy

These breed of guppy have long and wide tail fin with very attractive colors on it. These little shiny fishes are very peaceful in nature. Guppies can be kep...
₹ 20.00

Black Tiger Oscar Fish

Black Tiger Oscar fish is from cichlid group and is of aggressive nature. Oscar can be kept with similar small group of semi aggressive fishes such as gouram...
From ₹ 50.00
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Aquarium Water Siphon Pumps

Aquarium siphons are used to siphon impurities from your tank and change water on regular basis. All aquarium hobbits keep this handy as this is a must to ha...
₹ 120.00

Rid-All General Aid 120 ml

Rid-All General Aid is famous standard preparation used as a cure and as a general prevention of common fish disease. Its mild bactericide and fungicide and...
₹ 140.00

Malachite Green F

Malachite Green F is effective for treatment of white spot disease, fin-rot parasite fungi disease and swabbing wound of fancy fishes.
₹ 60.00

Nova Fish Food 20 g

SuperNova fish food is another good product made by PCG which is economical and yet good in quality.
₹ 25.00

Marble Angel Fish

Marble is most common breed of freshwater aquarium angelfish. It is generally black with some white strips on is body. Its structure is vertically flat which...
From ₹ 25.00
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Molly Fish - Black

Black Molly Fish is another example of live bearing fish. Most common community tank fish. Robust and very active. Very cheap and easy to keep especially whe...
From ₹ 10.00
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Mickey Mouse Platy Fish

Micky Mouse Platy fish is very peaceful fish which can be kept in any community tank. It is live bearing fish which means it gives direct birth of babies ra...
₹ 10.00

Artificial Blue Coral Plant

Artificial Coral can be used in both freshwater as well as saltwater tanks but it gives better look in marine tanks. Perfectly designed coral gives a look as...
₹ 350.00
RS Electrical

RS 480 A Aquarium Glass Tank (50 L)

Imported molded tank of size 49.5*26*46.5 cm with 50 L capacity is ideal to keep tropical fresh water and marine fishes. Inbuilt LED light and top filter.
₹ 2,900.00
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Round Fish Bowl with Cover 10 inch

Cover Included. Round fish bowl is used to keep small fishes such as guppy, fighter, tetra, pink zebra. The jar is round in shape and is of diameter 10 inch.
₹ 280.00

Round Fish Bowl with Cover 8 inch

Cover Included. Round fish bowl is used to keep small fishes such as guppy, fighter, tetra, pink zebra. The jar is round in shape and is of diameter 8 inch.
₹ 180.00