Aquarium Accessories

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We provide aquarium accessories including aquatic feeds, air pumps, water filters, plastic plants, fish bowl and tanks at wholesale rate.

- 17 %

Tokyo Turtle Sticks 250 g

Gold Tokyo Turtle Sticks helps building strong shell structure and enhance resistance against disease.
₹ 200.00 ₹ 240.00
- 25 %

Taiyo Weekend Holiday Fish Food

Taiyo weekend fish food when placed into the aquarium will immediately start to dissolve slowly releasing nutritious freeze-dried foods into the aquarium whi...
₹ 60.00 ₹ 80.00
- 14 %

Top Filter SOBO WP-1880F 25 W

A handy aquarium filter specially designed to fit on any aquarium of 42 to 78 cm in size. Compact to save space and easy to assemble.
₹ 600.00 ₹ 700.00
Venus Aqua

Venus Aqua Power Head U6603 25W

Ideal water circulator, Oxygenator used for powering under gravel filters, makes wave and can be used for both freshwater and saltwater water pumping.
₹ 500.00

White Filter Sponge XY1831

This filtering media is used mostly in top filters and internal filters. It sucks fine dirt thus making your aquarium feel crystal clear. Provides growth for...
₹ 120.00

Artificial Blue Coral Plant

Artificial Coral can be used in both freshwater as well as saltwater tanks but it gives better look in marine tanks. Perfectly designed coral gives a look as...
₹ 350.00

Nova Fish Food 20 g

SuperNova fish food is another good product made by PCG which is economical and yet good in quality.
₹ 25.00

Rid-All General Aid 120 ml

Rid-All General Aid is famous standard preparation used as a cure and as a general prevention of common fish disease. Its mild bactericide and fungicide and...
₹ 140.00

Malachite Green F

Malachite Green F is effective for treatment of white spot disease, fin-rot parasite fungi disease and swabbing wound of fancy fishes.
₹ 60.00
- 17 %

BioSponge Filter XY180

These type of filters are used to filter mechanically as well as biologically. This filter can be used with air pump, internal filters, top filters or canist...
₹ 150.00 ₹ 180.00

Under Gravel Filter ( 7 x 7 inch)

This products contains two 7x7 inch UG Filters. As name suggests it is placed under the gravel. It has two pipe or shaft made for air intake. When air circu...
₹ 100.00
- 12 %
Venus Aqua

Air pump Venus AP 308

Basic and most common aquarium accessories. Used to make air bubbles which is used in aeration for your tanks. Low power consumption (3 W Only). Can be used...
₹ 150.00 ₹ 170.00